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Adrian Myers farmed organically for 30 years in the UK with his wife Biddy, and they have gardened organically 40 years. Adrian has spent many years researching sustainable food production and is the author of Organic Futures, published by Green Books.

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Spring Jobs 2017 – Green Manure, Sowing seeds & Treating Citrus. Things are ramping up, spring is here! Green Manure: I have been digging in green manure crops, by pulling up a 250mm strip of green manure plants at one … Continue reading

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WE WELCOME ANY QUESTIONS, COMMENTS OR HELPFUL IDEAS ABOUT REGENERATIVE GARDENING & FOOD PRODUCTION – see CONTACT US THE MIRACLE OF GROWING FOOD REGENERATIVELY Introduction Working with the soil, immersing your hands in healthy vibrant living soil is at the same time, … Continue reading

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