I and my wife Biddy spent over 30 years farming organically in the UK and have been growing vegetables, fruit and grains for 40 years. I have spent many years studying organic and sustainable theory and practice. We now have a productive garden in Nelson, New Zealand and were involved in Waimarama Community Gardens, Nelson, for over four years as trustees and regular volunteers, helping along with others to promote, encourage and teach the public how to successfully grow healthy food sustainably. Along with others, we are helping to implement a permaculture design for our local school (Clifton Terrace), building new garden vegetable beds, running compost and green manure workshops with the kids and other larger scale planting and landscaping projects, and passing on knowledge and helping to produce productive and healthy gardens as well as keeping on top of the work in our own 1/4 acre plot.

I am the author of “ORGANIC FUTURES” – The Case for Organic Farming” published by ‘Green Books’ – www.greenbooks.co.uk ISBN: 9781903998694. “Organic Futures presents an overwhelming argument for replacing modern farming methods with organic techniques”– Adrian Myers

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